Tue, Jun 25, 2024

21th Edition

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This editorial is very special. We begin a round of memories, nostalgia and a state of contained happiness, because it's already...

by Mirta R. Acero, PhD

In search of a Turkish identity: A persistent crisis

This paper aims to trace a hundred year of history of political crisis over the Turkish identity. Three main moments have been i...

by Aisun Akan, Ph.D

The Jewish Origin of Western Values

Judaism and Christianity differ in many ways, but they also share certain values. Some of those values have shaped Western civil...

by David I. Bernstein, PhD

How to learn and speak many languages?

The languages listed are in chronological order of when I began contact with them. Each language has its own journey as well as ...

by Dimitris Polychronopoulos

General trends & The End of Western Civilization

We are delighted to get Prof. Harry Redner’s views on this topic, which he has studied and written about extensively. The poli...

by Erico Matías Tavares

Lessons to the EU from Latin America

From the point of view of the European Union, an additional question is in order: 3. Are the common, nationalistic orientations ...

by Giorgio Alberti, PhD

A REAL LOOK AT JESUS OF NAZARETH. A look from the Textual Criticism.

It seems that his parents, Joseph and Mary and their brothers had not adhered to his preaching before his death, later one would...

by Rev. Jesús Manuel Mejía Quiroz

Identity Challenges and Opportunities in the Middle East

Two double traditions lay at the foundations of the Occidental worldview: From the point of view of secular culture, a combinati...

by Mercedes Rubio, PhD

Should United States and Canada merge into one country?

In general, Canadian foreign policy has operated largely in sync with that of America and Europe, with the Canadian government a...

by Raphael Louis, PhD

Gender Inequality in Nepal

Bodily difference is only regarded as a major factor of discrimination being irrespective to the skill,ability, labor and creati...

by Ratna Prasad Shrestha