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I. European Union and Czech Republic After ten years of the integration of Czech Republic into the EU there has been no evidence of an enhanced public opinion on the European Union. Principally over the last three years, this has been owing to the current difficult situation which has seen the

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INTRODUCTION The third wave of democratization, which led Francis Fukuyama to advance the bold prediction of the “end of history”, after the fall of communism in USSR, in 1989; seems to have come to a stop. In many parts of the world, democracies are in crisis and a return of populism

1. Introductory Remarks: the vicious circle of the EU democratic gap There is now a broad consensus among economists, political scientists and journalists about the nature of the EU crisis: it is not only an economic crisis, but a governance crisis coupled to a democracy crisis, and this is not only

There are differing definitions of equality today. In some circles it is equality of opportunity, which can mean affirmative action quotas; to others, quotas may mean inequality, as it might be felt that it discriminates against others. The Hebrew Bible is not egalitarian in any 21st century meaning of the word. 

I believe that there is much to discuss and much to discover about the identity of the Occidental civilization. Occidental is not just a geographical or cartographical description, but an identification with a heritage, a history, and a cultural and religious unity. This means that the concept includes Europe and



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