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Welcome to OWmagazine

  • 08/15/2022 - by Mirta R. Acero, PhD

This editorial is very special. We begin a round of memories, nostalgia and a state of contained happiness, because it's already been five years. This time we are going to celebrate it by making a revival of all the articles that were interesting and successful between 2017 and 2018 when this magazine started. In this way we will be able to see how current the perspectives of our writers were and above all, we will rescue those articles that at that time were only in HTML and were not displayed in bilingual pdf every three months. Here I leave you the memory of our first editorial and a selection of the most interesting articles.

I hope you like it!

February 5, 2018 1st Edition, Editorial Letter

Welcome to OWmagazine, Occidental World Magazine, the OSI Western Studies Institute magazine and the magazine of all those who venerate the freedom of expression within the democratic margins that our western culture has been developing for the experience of millennia both inside and outside of our borders.

OWmagazine aims to reinforce, through the heterogeneous thought that identifies the essence of our culture, what is undoubtedly our common denominator: the Occidental identity.

For this, we can not but thank all those friends who have started betting on us and our speech from the beginning. All those who have believed it necessary to begin to show the different angles and points of view of our complex, ancient and evolved Occidental culture, a culture that advocates peace, understanding, freedom of expression and acceptance of the other, that still be different, have a space within our own world, which in turn, must be respected, protected and strengthened, for being the cradle of what happened to be the model of modernity and development from long ago.

Our journal, using the language of vehicular communication, uses primarily English at the moment, within the different variations of the language derived from the different cultures that using it to communicate, are not native speakers.

Our first year of operation will have planned a quarterly number of four virtual copies to begin to show different aspects of what is our Occidental world. The International Affairs section will be the one that will accommodate all matters related to politics, governance, internationality and diplomacy, while the Human Rights section will integrate themes related to what its own name indicates, together with issues related to religion or gender. The Cultural World section will accommodate all cultural events that directly or indirectly affect our Western world, as well as the themes derived from the academic world. Later, we will be adding some more. But for now, to begin with, we just welcome you to OSI Occidental Studies Institute and its magazine Occidental World, hoping you enjoy your articles and hoping that it will spur you on to the curiosity to learn and discover more about our own culture.

The entire team of OSI Occidental Studies Institute & Occidental World Magazine give you an affectionate welcome and encourages you to follow us in this magnificent adventure that is to know in depth the roots, the present and the future of what we are: Occidentals.

You are all welcome!

Mirta R. Acero, Ph. D

President and Founder

OSI Occidental Studies Institute

Owm Occidental World Magazine