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  1. The Editorial Board and the Governing Body (OSI Occidental Studies Institute) are members recognized experts in their fields and are reflected in the Academic Board of the organization (
  2. The ISSN of Occidental World Magazine is 2576-2087 andcomes from the National Congress Library of Washington DC
  3. All publishing rights of the magazine and its articles are reserved to Occidental World Magazine. All rights after publication will be reserved to Occidental World Magazine (OWm)
  4. The author must sign an agreement for the transfer of their intellectual property in favor of OWm magazine for its publication and subsequent promotion.
  5. All articles will remain in HTML format in a single version in English the first month of the quarter, in open format. Subsequently, the edited version will be published in e-magazine format (pdf) with the bilingual edition (English / native language)
  6. All editions will be saved in the e-magazine version (pdf) and will be compiled on the web with their subsequent backup