Tue, Jun 25, 2024

Ethic and Publishing Code

It is the policy of OWmagazine to give its readers an accurate reportage of the news. Our writers and editors come from different professional backgrounds with a foundation of ethics and accuracy. Owmagazine is by the editorial staff and OSI Occidental Studies Institute and no by third parties such as advertisers, lobbies, influencers, etc.

  • No OWmagazine staff should endorse a commercial product unless with the express permission of their head-of-department or editor-in-chief.
  • In the case of an article that has been paid for by a company and/or individual, the fact must be clearly mentioned by email to the Editor- In-Chief and it will be endorsed as a donation at the disposal of OSI Occidental Studies Institute as the non-for profit that own the magazine.
  • Staff should not use their position to obtain a personal benefit for themselves or others.
  • OWmagazine staff cannot accept gifts or favors that will cause them to give favorable editorial treatment to a company and/or individual advantages.
  • OWmagazine does not tolerate any of its staff or writers indulging in online harassment, bullying, hate speech, and/or taking part in the proliferation of blatantly fake news.
  • OWmagazine respect for differences – in class, gender, origin, taiths – is a fundamental premise for our work, and the comparison of different points of view allows the creation of a stimulating and inclusive work environment with respect for values.
  • In addition, the writers ensures a rapid correction of any errors or inaccuracies contained in their articles.
  • Verification of sources are primarily committed to checking and verifying the sources of each article by our writers, in order to ensure readers high standards of accuracy and truthfulness of the news.
  • An author submitting an article is required to identify all co-authors and any other contributors
  • All writers and authors have the ability and responsibility to publicly defend their paper and are the only one responsable of his/her article and content issued.
  • OWmagazine won´t tolerate any kind of plagiarism or double submission.
  • The articles submitted to Owmagazine must be original.
  • The authors ensure that the photos attached to their texts are free of copyright. The Editorial Team will be the one that will review and edit the content of the issue, reserving the right of admission or exclusion of the article depending on whether it violates any of the ethical codes of the journal.
  • Every author must be able to freely express his ideas in OWmagazine by adjusting his article to the general rules of courtesy, if the article is of opinion, as well as to express compliance with the rules of bibliographic references if the article is academic.
  • For the petition of a paper edition or a submission of articles, please, send to: