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Madrid does pay traitors

  • 08/15/2021 - by David Hernández

The title is a bit dramatic, but it reflects the reality of constitutionalism in Catalonia.
The Catalan constitutionalists have suffered the umpteenth betrayal by the Government of the Nation. Recently, the Prime Minister, lacking his own words and previous statements, has formally communicated that secessionist politicians are arbitrarily pardoned against legal criteria and reason

That a politician lies is not surprising at this point, but that other politicians who do not repent, who have had prison benefits superior to those of any other prisoner and who also say that they will do it again, do benefit from the illegitimate pardon: it is immoral.

Party arithmetic is offering us a panorama of the dismantling of the constitutional state, unprecedented in other western democracies.

This has been the dynamic for decades in the Government of the Nation, with the nationalist and secessionist parties: concessions to the detriment of state power and leaving the defenders of the Spanish constitution alone in the nationalist territories.

From Madrid, they have never bothered to organize or support the constitutionalist movement in Catalonia or the Basque Country.
At the political level, the analysis has always been carried out in a national key and the results could not have been more disastrous.

On the contrary, all political efforts have been directed at governing the region, which is practically impossible due to the current electoral system after decades of indoctrination, so why not affirm it: a good strategy of the independence sector occupying all positions of municipal influence and regional, associative, professional associations or official bodies.

This successful strategy has allowed them to have ominous power, silence any opposition, prevail in all regional elections (in seats not in votes) and continually bend a Government of the Nation that neither analyzes nor understands the secessionist social reality.

The constitutionalist parties hardly agree to govern anything and they always agree with the secessionists with that subliminal defeatist spirit that is headed by the Catalan Socialist Party (the brand of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party in Catalonia): “something is something” seems to be their motto. Even if they are crumbs and the next day they destroy a party headquarters.

This defeatist policy is carried over to the world of security that is mortally wounded in the region.

The statistics indicate this: Barcelona (the regional capital), and several cities and towns, are among the most dangerous in terms of crime in Spain.

The police prevention model has passed over the years to a classic reaction model and with a total lack of police officers.

Everything is the product of the social and institutional degradation that the Catalan secessionist process has entailed.

Economic resources have been misappropriated and directed to create or reward foreign lobbies or "authorities" to criticize Spain.

Thus, a crude and easy-to-observe strategy, for which the State has been unable to create a divergent narrative in the face of secessionist fallacies and lies.

Public security is broken in the region and the damage to institutional and personal relationships that politicians generated on October 1, 2017 has not been repaired by the police forces.

Distrust continues, especially when the Mossos d'Esquadra Corps is totally politicized in its police leadership and the leak of personal information and public statements, on social networks, by active police officers is allowed.

Signs obviously of the so-called Spanish, ñordos, traitors, unionists, constitutionalists, and so on.

A kind of parapolice branch that nobody controls, but everyone internally knows.

Added to this mistrust is the deficient Spanish democratic system in matters of separation of powers. The legislative power is subject to the executive power and the judiciary totally influenced by the executive power, despite repeated warnings from the European Union to guarantee its independence.

The secessionist strategy consists of demonizing everything Spanish and limiting the presence of the State in their regions; for this, they coerce socially and institutionally the military, the police, the security professionals in general, and their families.

It is clear to them that no state official should consider the secessionist region a pleasant career destination. If you have children, in schools the regional language is imposed; if they hire rents and provide payrolls, they will not rent the house to them; if their relatives are detected, they will not be allowed to adapt to society; and so on.

This perverse strategy has its counterpart in the millions of euros victimizing advertising that secessionist politicians spend abroad. But the crime rates and the huge number of tourists robbed or attacked cannot be manipulated.

The State continuously cedes and maintains in the secessionist communities, the minimum number of operational and competent personnel, with which, the bulk of police work falls on the autonomous police and municipal police, whose wear and tear due to the secessionist process has been brutal and totally insufficient to attend to citizen security or traffic in the region.

The number of police officers injured in Catalonia, which is increasingly violent and has permissive laws, is added to the number of police officers on psychological leave due to workplace harassment linked to political ideology.

The phenomenon of immigration with the direct importation of criminal gangs has increased the security deficit.

And what has been the political solution: hire or create interim police officers (without firearms and little training) in large and small municipalities, have municipal officers (without firearms, institutional recognition and training paid for by themselves) that habitually patrol alone.

The personal risk is high and citizen insecurity is overflowing with politicians who only finance their ideology.

Prison officials are another example: over 11 years without opposition, they place politicians in managerial positions and forget about the professionals who are in the prison yards and are perfectly familiar with the penitentiary system.

I only need a piece of news to show what I am exposing, that these secessionist politicians, recently pardoned against logic and legality, were the priority of the region and that everything is moving by and for the secession of Spain:

The founder of McAfee antivirus, John McAfee, 75, was found dead this Wednesday afternoon in Brians 2 prison in Barcelona. Prison officials have found him hanging.

Obviously it has not been the only suicide nor the last one in the politicized Catalan prisons, where excellent professionals have been limited or directly sanctioned by their political bosses by virtue of their ideological orientation.

I cannot forget the private security professionals, who are the real victims of this worn-out police model, since they do not have the status of agents of the authority; they do not have institutional support; they charge low salaries; they do not have legal coverage; and they have to collaborate in functions with outsiders since the police can't cope.

In short, a collapsed security system, with great professionals, but that is subject to the ideological interests of a secessionist political caste that practices administrative repression against constitutional officials.

How can it be that such a venerable state is incapable of analyzing the situation and implementing measures to support the constitutionalism that is maintaining the flag of Spain in the Catalan or Basque regions, while the state hides it in all possible ways?

Ominous secessionist political power has all the economic resources to control and subsidize its related organisms, entities, associations, and so on.

It would be desirable for someone in the State to design and analyze this situation to implement countermeasures, or the end will be near because a combative spirit cannot be maintained without resources and with a Madrid that does pay traitors.

David Hernández.

President Politeia. 
Spanish Police Association.