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Hello New Hampshire!!

  • 05/15/2021 - by Mirta R. Acero, PhD

This editorial is very special to us. We have recently become an institution that is welcomed, embraced, pampered by each and every one of those who have made it possible for us to be from New Hampshire.

Back in 2017 we began our virtual journey in another state of the union and very soon we were connected with very nice and very kind people who invited us to approach this state called New Hampshire, so modestly known internationally.

We were immediately struck by the realization of the character of its people and its community; its characteristic motto, "Live Free or Die," the meadows and mountains with vegetation of a thousand colors; its lakes, its inhabitants, always friendly and relaxed; its historical identity, so connected almost from its modern and contemporary beginnings, with the democratic and solidary principles that today are led by their representatives; its railroad and other vestiges of what was its openness to the new technologies during its origins; its connection by proximity with Canada and with Europe, through, of course, the legacy of its British ancestors; its conservative and inclusive immigrant community, very much in line with our principles, bringing the new North American citizen closer to the customs of his adoptive community ... All this created a sense of home that, without a doubt, made us ask ourselves at OSI, in our community of international volunteers, why could not this be, as an organization, our home.

Always open and friendly, Denise, Richard, Patrice, John were the simple citizens who helped us adapt and understand what it is like to be part of the New Hampshire community, a state belonging to the New England region, part of the United States of America.

What began as a chat between two professional colleagues who were amiably talking about their respective faiths at a coffee table, realizing the great similarities between the two cultures when comparing them, gradually became the intention to create bridges of understanding between cultures. We started with two colleagues, then there were five, then a conference was created that was very successful in Central Europe, and we received requests for collaboration from so many nationalities that we decided that we should be virtual, to be able to be present at the same time, in all parties where they invited us.

We created our portal and volunteers began to join. We wanted to show that money is not what is important, but the will of people and professionals who freely offered their time and knowledge to  create together something that everyone considered necessary: understanding between the different elements that make up our heterogeneous and beautiful culture – Westernity.

Suddenly, we realized that there was no institute for western studies within the western world. There were two in Eastern countries, but none in the West. So we started to think about creating a similar line of thought through events; our surprise was that we had no money, but they opened doors for us simply because of what we represented: the brotherhood of all western peoples. It is there where we thought that the best location was in North America because it is the continent of the new beginning, where all people are created equal. And so we began our journey on this continent.

We created a magazine whose objective was to be able to write in freedom; the motto was "we censor the censorship." And people with professional positions such as Deans, Rectors, CEOs of multinationals, Archbishops, politicians, retired defense personnel, writers, professionals from different sectors, countries and nationalities, wanted to write with us, for the simple fact that they were offered the space to be able to think and express themselves freely. It was then that we thought we should create international material for master's courses for professionals in diplomacy, politics, global governance, defense, communication, etc., to reinforce the values ​​that define the West, through the union of intellectuals from the different areas that comprise the West, and associate ourselves with universities that are interested in this project; and so we did. And we can only express gratitude to all of them, for believing in this common project, which is not the product of lobbies or political parties, but of mere professionals and intellectuals who love and believe in the enormous pride of being Westerners.

It is curious that for this reason, they have come to ask us if we were against other cultures. Our answer is clear: obviously not. But though we are proud of being Westerners, there is no direct correlation with an attack on other foreign cultures. All cultures are proud of themselves because they have the right to be. We Westerners are no exception.

From OSI Occidental Studies Institute, from the freedom that being voluntary and independent gives us, from the freedom with which they have embraced us in New Hampshire, we say “Yes” without qualification.

Westerners are proud to be Westerners. Because it is an ancient culture. Greco-Roman, Pre-Roman, Phoenician, Celtic, Visigothic, Hispanic, Anglican, Indigenous and Creole ...

A culture that says enough to the postcolonial burden. Unapologetic Westerners.

A culture that proudly carries on the legacy of the Democracy of Athens, of Locke's Parliamentarism, of the philosophical development of Plato, of Aristotle, of emperors such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Cleopatra (a Greek queen in what were the dominions of the Greek Empire long before later cultures existed). We are Western, yes, people in love with the fusion of cultures that existed between the native peoples of New Spain that, far from being exterminated, were acculturated, and hence today grammars of indigenous languages ​​exist, thanks to the Spanish Franciscan monks who took care to collect the vestiges of that ancestral verbal culture). Proud of the heritage never claimed, of the immense cities, hospitals and infrastructures that were created, of the treaties of citizenship that were granted to Creoles, Hispanic natives; in the evolution from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, which allowed our civilization to go from theocentrism to anthropocentrism, to the era of ideas, to the era of research and above all, to the era of the protection of women as a delicate being, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter, a woman ... to be treated as an equal, to be given the same rights to respect and love as those of the patriarchy.  

The West, a society that has evolved until legislatively we all had the same rights, because it is a fact that we have them and that democracy and the separation of religion and state are prevailing.

OSI was born without complexes and grows without them. There are many historians inside to be the fruit of current social engineering. OSI promulgates its clear intention to reinforce the lines of understanding between Western countries and identities, but above all, to create dialogue between other civilizations, finding complementarities in differences and positive synergies in similarities. Hence, OSI has its own interreligious dialogue in its social area section that is as important or more than the humanistic section.

 Therefore, this month of May, the day of the Virgin, of the Holy Woman, of the emulation with the Mother Goddess, Gea, Nature, we thank you for being part of this beautiful state such as New Hampshire, which has welcomed us with love, and has supported us from the beginning.

We look forward to being supported by your community and hope that this year, we can begin to receive donations, contributions, sponsorships and above all, collaboration with institutions that feel related to our principles and values and want to collaborate by adopting our programs for a win-win, intellectually productive game. My thanks, of course to all of you who are part of OSI: thanks to Dean, our director, Steve, Matthew, our American colleagues, Dejan from Serbia, Christian from Belgium, Giorgio from Italy, Dirk or Richard from UK, to Raphael from Canada, to David from Spain, to Eyal, Dorite, Yechiel from Israel, to our Archbishop Eric, our President of Scientology Gustavo, our Imam Marwan from Argentina, and so on.

We encourage you to come to our portal and contact us at

We wait for you!

Mirta R. Acero, PhD.
President and Founder.
OSI Occidental Studies Institute.
Owm Occidental World Magazine.