Thu, Jun 17, 2021

We are born to help you

  • 05/15/2021 - by Hernán Da Graca Guerra & Alejo Vogel

The soccer labor market is increasingly demanding and competitive, mainly in areas related to training, countless enthusiasts seek to enter the aforementioned market, but the task is not easy, taking into account the existing competition and the vertiginous nature of the discipline.

The Soccer Training Institute was born as an overcoming idea that comes to cover significant gaps in learning areas. Through a virtual platform, that allows the most diverse content to be numbered in relation to each particular space, it exports them to all corners of the world. Added to its innovative quality is the technical wealth of its teaching staff.


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and this is nothing new, but this label is not free, at least for professionals who directly or indirectly make a living from it.

Its essence as a sports convener and mobilizer of large masses, lead an infinity of enthusiasts to venture into the discipline, more precisely in the field of training. Starting from the premise, often confusing, that allows us to imagine footballers when we are little but that finds us in an advanced age far from the goal, or simply paying attention to a visionary look, as a reality that has come to an end. Why don't we forget that football puts everything in its place, placing you many times out of a field of play.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, discipline opens many paths for you, but you must be very prepared to embark on such a competitive and dizzying world, but mainly to be up to the great challenges that arise.

Remember that football does not begin and end on a field, neither when the ball begins to roll nor when it stops rolling. Its reality resembles that of an artistic work, the staging of the final product requires previous and subsequent works that bring together a myriad of tasks carried out by a large number of professionals who do not necessarily step on the unalterable planks of a stage.

As a response to this reality, the Football Training Institute was born. Driven by the challenges of the discipline, and thinking about the labor market to which we have alluded, we noticed different shortcomings, linked to the lack of training in various relevant areas, which added to the advent of technology and extreme professional training to achieve the highest standards that current football requires, it was necessary to launch the aforementioned project.

Our space currently has a wide educational offer focused on a variety of courses and specializations closely linked to the discipline, and other related careers. Gathering, also, as a main and innovative characteristic, all these learning within the same educational virtual space, allowing students located anywhere in the world to access our courses and content.

The more than ten trainings made available to those interested, reveal the intention with which the project began, the plurality in the structuring of these to occupy all the extremes that the discipline has.

This founding idea is the result of a continuous research and selection work carried out by a group of highly trained professionals, who day by day deploy their efforts trying to identify new shortcomings, thereby building the foundations of a new training that in the future will not very far come to make up for those absences or mistakes.

Now, through an immediate registration through any of the channels made available, those interested can access the training they decided to choose according to their most diverse concerns and browse the content framed in a context according to the theme.

Likewise, they will be able to carry out the selected trainings in the time they wish, raffling the different evaluations that the teacher has structured for each training module, to finally access the long-awaited certificate that guarantees strict compliance with the educational guidelines.

Constant feedback with the teacher, as a fundamental pedagogical tool, is articulated through forums for permanent consultation and practical work of simultaneous correction. Another relevant benefit is framed in the possibility that the student has to access a virtual library created especially for each training space.

Finally, another main characteristic of this educational space, which adds to the diversity of content made available, is the professionalization and quality with which they are carried out. Teachers signed by extensive training careers, crossed by vast experiences in their area of concern, and fundamentally born within the limits of the cradle that sheltered "gods" of world football such as Messi and Maradona, elevate this project, which for a long time it ceased to be such to become a reality, at the highest levels of the world market for this type of training.

This current situation does not allow us to relax, on the contrary, it forces us to redouble our efforts through the constant updating of content and pedagogical methods to continue playing the game we want, that of training as a fundamental tool to build the future of the discipline. 

Hernán Da Graca Guerra & Alejo Vogel.
Instituto del Fútbol. Argentina.