Thu, Jun 17, 2021

The false antinomy Science Religion

  • 05/15/2021 - by Gustavo A. Libardi

Since the late nineteenth century there has been a strong and widespread attack on religions. Where does it come from? What is the method used to carry out the attack? What would be the motive?

At the end of the 19th century, in Germany, self-appointed scientists named Wilheim Wundt and Ivan Pavlov, appropriated the word PSYCHE, and redefined it as MIND. In truth its etymology is ALMA.

Now, even leaving this question aside, when I asked psychologists and psychiatrists what the MIND was, they looked at me with a desperate face. Someone dared to explain to me that to find out, he had to spend several years in the corresponding faculty.

I am not a layman in these matters. I have read about these studies about human behavior that are called psychosciences, and I have the advantage of having dared to read about religions. None of these professionals of the mind had known anything about Religion or the phenomenon of Faith directly. But they did profess a sneaky disregard for any human expression that resembled a belief. It is clear that this is so because they would be scientists and science is not carried away with mere belief.

I wonder if there is scientific evidence for the existence of Oedipus or Bipolar Disorder, or attention deficit disorder in children. And since I try to be true to my honesty, I go and do my research. I discover that all those names and the more than 300 psychiatrists' labels for mental illnesses (DSM 3-Diagnosis Manual of Mental Disorders) are a bunch of conjectures, in which given certain behaviors of a person, they put a label on it and that. It is used to prescribe a psychotropic drug.

However, they ask the Religions to demonstrate our Faith. Faith is not demonstrated, you have it or not, you conceive it or not. You put it into play or not. And if we do not, they are mere beliefs that cannot be demonstrated and therefore summarized to the concept of irrational.

From this point of view, it can be seen that this false dichotomy between science and religion has been imposed on society through the media. The problem is that so-called scientists cannot scientifically demonstrate, with strong scientific methodology, that something they claim is true. And the most serious thing is that as a consequence of that, they are allowed to officially, legally and legitimately drug the entire population of the planet.

Exposing the truth of my previous statement might demand a little more space, since the wealth of evidence I can offer is so great. (See Here I will only say that if there was any truth in the statements of these mental health professionals, considering the number of people they cared for, the number of pills consumed, and the media and government support for their activities, this world should be a human garden of peace and brotherhood. On the contrary, and according to statistics, the number of insane, corrupt, suicidal and murderers who reproduce linked to the consumption of their "chemical solutions" is alarming.

In 1940, in the city of Puerto Rico, a group from the World Federation for Mental Health met, led at that time by G. Brock Chisholm, and stated that medicine and education should be co-opted while destroying family and religion. to impose the "benefits" of psychological thinking. Let us now remember that the first ideas of WUND and PAVLOV were the fundamental basis of the German empire until 1918. If men do not have a Soul, but a mind and descend from the monkey, then why not use them like biological machines in the slaughter of the War?

Beyond the many derivations that the subject has, what we intend to point out here is that the criticism of religions in relation to their supposed lack of rationality is in any case being issued by those who cannot scientifically prove that their statements are true. What's more, their claims are at best beliefs, speculations, or hypotheses that have never been scientifically proven, although they are thus "sold" to people. If you don't believe me, just ask them.

But there is a fundamental factor, when we speak of the Human Being and the Society. The truths of the Religion are absolute and the religions have never affirmed them from another place than from the Faith. And this does not change, the fact that later verifications can be obtained in daily life, of what is said in the sacred books.

Religions never proclaimed themselves as scientific, I repeat beyond the verifications that can be found. And that is honesty. But the "modern psycho sciences" claim to be science when they cannot prove that they are. And this is an infinite scam to the spiritual and physical health of humanity. In order to do this they must destroy the greatest enemy, which is the human Faith and therefore any structure that protects it as they are.

Gustavo A. Libardi.
President Scientology.