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Aspects of Islam in the Old Continent

  • 08/15/2018 - by Raad Salam Naaman, PhD

It is not false modesty, but I have been studying and investigating the Muslim faith for over forty years. Islamic Arab culture is part of my own culture because I was born and have grown up with them. I know Islam and Muslims very well, and as a result, I do fear … because I do not want to live in my current country, Spain, which I love so much, what I have lived in my native country, Iraq.

Where is that fear detected? In airports, where security exceeds the expectations of passengers, long queues, in the streets, where bollards are already being installed (despite the initial refusal), in large concentrations, sporting events, on trains, buses, cinemas, theaters, bars, nightclubs, parks, restaurants, etc., where citizens view inspections with good eyes precisely because of that fear.

The world is not the same, we do not live in a safe world as we had hoped after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the cold war. The peace stage has not been opened, as some analysts had predicted. However, what has appeared behind the wall, is not peace but a danger that the entire West had forgotten, in a frozen state, the jeopardy aspect of Islam and its environment that takes advantage of the new freedoms to try to impose their beliefs and, from there the hot war began.

With the beginning of the 21st century, there is a new element to be taken into account, which are the indiscriminate attacks carried out by uncontrolled elements of the Arab-Islamic culture. Periodically, when there is an Islamist attack in any country, the media and the alleged “specialists” worry about analyzing geopolitics, the Islamic state, Islamic fanaticism, etc. Ignoring, or rather for lack of knowledge about the fundamental, theology and the sources of Islamic Law; the Koran and the Sunna, which are the basis of jihadism, Islamic fundamentalism and the driving force behind these atrocities.

The Western world, very ignorant of the second largest religion in the world “Islam”, naive of its intentions and illiterate of its history, hesitates before the concept of Islam. At the very root of Islam is the military conquest, the present that we live today and the future comes from this root. Islam, from its very beginning, was propagated by “the edge of the sword”. The history of Islam is replete with violence and war, from its birth to the present day. When the Muslims invaded Spain, it took seven centuries to expel them. The Ottoman Turks massacred more than two million Armenians between the years 1915-1916, a fact still ignored by many in the Western world. In Sudan, the same thing, more than two million Christians have been annihilated and many more sold as slaves. In Indonesia, have been killed more than 300,000 Catholics since 1975, until today. The genocide and the current persecution of Christians in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria … etc. in the name of Islam and the Muslims, they claim justice on the part of all. Muslims will not enter the “do not mess with us and we will not mess with you” game. It goes against their religion.

The Koran, the sacred book of the Muslims, is a complex book. The Koran and its verses are used to be related to all atrocities, from the beginning of Islam so far. The Qur’an itself impels its believers to an armed struggle for their faith to follow the precepts of Allah, which is also called Al Jihad or holy war. There are two hundred and fifty-five verses in the Qur’an that promote violence, which is not allowed in any other religion, or in a civilized world. Jihad divides the world into two parts: those who want to live in Peace and Islam who wants war and conquest, until the whole world is converted to Islam (Surah 9:33) “He is the One who sent his Apostle with the Direction and with the true religion so that, in spite of the associates, it prevails over all other religion “.

Islam and the Muslims want to conquer power, to strike the world influence of the “Nazarenes or crusaders”, that is how they strike Christians and Westerners. For these fundamentalists, professing another Faith that is not Islam is a sin, secularism is blasphemy, the separation between Faith and State is a rejection, equality between men and women unnatural and progress is a challenge to the divine order and the Almighty will of Allah. Islamic extremists never have feelings of guilt against infidels, because the Qur’an gives them a good feeling of not doing anything bad (Surah 8:17) “It was not you who killed them, it was Allah who killed them. When you threw, it was not you who threw, it was Allah Who threw, to make believers experience a favour come from Him. Allah hears everything, he knows everything. ” There are not two types of Muslims nor are there Muslims, let alone moderate imams. A Muslim is strictly always a Muslim who follows the education and doctrines of the Koran.

The West does not take these violent verses of the Koran seriously, because it thinks in traditionally Christian western mentality. However, Muslims do not doubt at all in the words of the Qur’an, which are absolute words of Allah and must be applied. So, thanks to our soft laws against the Islamic terrorism, the increase of the emigration movement and the Islamic birth rate in front of the shortage of the native population in the West, the abortion, the marriage of the same sex, the gay pride, the restlessness and the ignorance of Islam and its constitutions … Islam will expand in the near future.

Islam and the Muslims are settling down in Spain, the lost Andalusian Al Andaluz and consider it theirs because according to Islam, land conquered by Islam is a Muslim land forever. It was through disunity, for which Spain was conquered in the seventh century, that is what a kingdom without order or cohesion faced. That’s what the Muslims took advantage of for eight centuries. Something similar happens today in Spain, with the 17 unnecessary autonomies and the desire of the Catalan government for independence. Muslims do remember that disunity, the same as it is today and that many politicians provoke. Islam and the Muslims take advantage of the current disunity of Spain to expand for the second time, under the permissiveness of politicians.

In the Old Continent there is a tremendous danger glimpsing and it is very difficult to be optimistic. It is possible that the last stages of the Islamization of Europe are already circulating. This is no longer just a clear and current danger to the future of Europe itself, but a threat to the entire Western world. Europe that we know traditionally Jewish-Christian, is changing, emerging a new reality: Islamic neighbourhood. These are the Muslim ghettos controlled by religious fanatics. In every European country, there are thousands of mosques, they have congregations much larger than the Christian churches and in every European city there are already plans for the construction of “super-mosques”.

Many European cities have a quarter of their population that is Muslim; as for example, Amsterdam, Marseille and Malmo. In many cities the majority of the population under 18 is Muslim. Paris is now surrounded by a ring of Muslim neighbourhoods. In many state schools in Europe, the pork can no longer be mentioned because of lack of respect to the Muslims, they propose to teach Islam as a compulsory subject and only serve “halal” food to their students. Many neighbourhoods in France, England, Belgium, Germany … etc. “Shari’a” courts have become an official part of the legal system, they are now areas where no woman can walk without covering her head.

There are very serious studies recently calculated, that no less than 25% of the European population will be Muslim in just the next 12 years from now and a Muslim majority by the end of this century. In addition, one-third of British Muslim students are in favour of the establishment of the Caliphate worldwide. In the reality, Muslims culture is not easy to integrate into Western society; they come to Western society to integrate Islam.