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A country invaded by the new barbarians – a nowadays dilemma

  • 11/15/2018 - by General Bartolomeu Constantin Savoiu

I arrived in Paris at the beginning of the autumn in 1970. Chronologically, it was 48 years ago, in fact, I would say centuries because another world exists now in France and in Western Europe.

France, heiress of a colonial empire, from 1960 when its colonies of Africa or Asia began to obtain their independence, returned like all the Western Europe in years of economic and industrial development. From then on, the need for manpower was felt and cheap labour began to come to the metropolis of Black Africa, but mainly from North Africa. It was at the beginning workers who tired their families in the country of origin.

Political events began to influence the situation. The 6-day War of 1973 led for the first time to the confrontation between the Western world and the Arab world. The quadrupling of the price of oil has squeezed the gasoline users of Western countries at first. The meeting of Casablanca of the 9 countries of the European Union at the time and the countries of the O.I.C. (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) made the Western world accept the economic “diktat” of the Arab-Muslim world with the strength that the oil-producing countries had.

Two years later, in 1975, in Strasbourg, the European Parliament unanimously accepted the conditions of the Arab-Muslim countries of the United States which demanded the complete social, cultural and political equality of the Muslim populations of Western Europe, whatever their country of origin.

From then on, the expansion of the Muslim world, their religion and their rules began, by one side being supported by the left parties and by the other being supported by the irresponsible liberalism of the right-wing parties.

If the first generations of immigrant workers who have worked in France or Western Europe were single men, taking advantage of the new policy which granted them equal rights with the Western populations started the family reunification and a gradual colonization more and more accelerated of Western countries. With a birth rate often 3 or 4 times higher than the French population in special, but also those of Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, etc., districts and then entire cities have begun to change entirely the face.

The arrival in Iran of the Khomeini regime opened a new ideological, but also religious, political and cultural front with the Western world in 1979-1980.

The Conference of the Countries of the O.I.C. in Doha in 2005 clearly outlined the goal of the Western world’s Islamization until 2050.

The Gulf Wars, the conflict that began in the Middle East in 2010, the Arab Spring (rather the Winter) have accelerated the massive arrival of hundreds of thousands and now millions of immigrants. From Afghanistan, through Pakistan and Bangladesh, from Iraq through Syria, from black Africa to Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, daily waves of immigrants enter Europe.

Entire cities in England, beginning with London with a 65% immigrant population, are now inhabited by Muslim populations, but also in France, the Scandinavian countries, Germany or Spain.

A profound upheaval of Europe, of its Judeo-Christian history, occurs. We are actually witnessing a planned, coordinated and executed invasion that will clearly change “old Europe”. 50% of the names of newborns in Brussels are Mahomed. The same thing is happening in Denmark and the Scandinavian countries. The German Statistics Office reports that 42% of newborns come from immigrant mothers, the vast majority of whom are of the Muslim religion.

In districts of Marseille, Paris, Trappes, Mantes-la-Jolie, Seine-Saint-Denis the immigrant population has reached 80%. Several politicians, philosophers and intelligence specialists predict that before 10 years entire regions of France will escape the control of the central government.

Attacks against the Jewish community, but also Christian, rapes, murders are daily. Two thousand years of history of this great country become only a memory!

It is clear that in this rhythm Sharia, the Islamic law will be the law applied probably in the Scandinavian countries, in Great Britain, in France and in regions of Germany and Spain.

More than ever, the old Islamic-Muslim dream of reconquering Spain is current. The secessionist tendencies of Catalonia have not only the support of the left movements, socialists and anarchists but especially of Islamists to dismantle the Kingdom of Spain and return to the flourishing Arab kingdom of the thirteenth century.

We must make it clear that we are not against any religion, that we do not harbour hatred, nor desire to conquer, but we simply want to keep our millennial traditions, our Greco-Roman, Saxon, Viking history, etc. and especially the foundations of a Judeo-Christian society. We do not want to impose our laws in Arab-Muslim countries and we do not want to have Sharia in Europe either!

We must help the millions of people with economic and social difficulties in their countries, but not by bringing them to Europe! A great Prime Minister, Michel Rocard, said in the 90s: “France cannot receive the misery of the whole world”.

We fight for the respect of every human being, but that means mutual respect and we cannot admit that Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Bahais, Shintoists are treated as infidels, kafirs ( unfaithful) when they are not treated like dogs or pigs.

We, therefore, say no to violence, no to hatred, yes to true fraternity and equality between all people, whatever their colour, race or religion!