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Beautiful Serbia Collection articles – Danube through Serbia

  • 02/15/2019 - by Dejan Stojanovic

… And the Danube through Serbia flows-wonderful places to visit a few unknowns places.The Danube in Serbia “leaves” 588 kilometers or one fifth of its current. This space comes from contrast. Firstly, the Danube looks like a great lenchus, which is sluggishly drawn through the uneven plane, and then as a giant that struggles with the Djerdap cliffs. On its shores pulsating large urban centers, but also habitats of natural wildlife.

Regardless of whether we live on its shores or are often approaching the Danube due to work, education or other reasons, we do not usually perceive the flow of a major European river through Serbia as a whole. To some extent, this is the “official” geography that has taught us that the north of our country is a flat ending on the edge of Central Europe, that after the Balkans on the southern coast of the Danube, the Balkan begins, then the river “dips” into the Carpathians with the Đerdapsky gorge.

It is true, on its course across Serbia, the Danube encounters all kinds of contrasts. The mentioned Djerdap with imposing visions and the unspoilt plain near Apatin are truly “heaven and earth.” Similarly, the following can be said: urban centers like Belgrade or Novi Sad are dynamically pulsating at night as well as during the day, while in the Nature Reserve “Gornje Podunavlje” there are places that barely had a human foot. For all this, when viewed as one whole, it becomes clear how much of the diversity gives us the Danube.

The other river-length in Europe (after Volga), in Serbia, “leaves” 588 out of 2.888 kilometers, which is about one-fifth of the total flow. On its banks are the cities of Apatin, Backa Palanka, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Smederevo, and far from Sombor, Pancevo or Pozarevac. Along the Danube or in the immediate vicinity there are some of the biggest tourist attractions in Serbia. On this occasion we suggest some of the possible routes for exploring the beauty of the Serbian suburbs.-Smederevo – Kostolac (Viminacium) – Ram – Veliko Gradiste (Silver Lake)Smederevo is a medieval capital city of Serbia, which is still dominated by the remains of the great fortress. The city center is nicely decorated, in the surrounding streets there are good restaurants where you can enjoy culinary specialties and good wine. In the vicinity is the villa “Zlatni breg”, the summer house of the royal family Obrenovic. Downstream of the city, near Kostolac is the archaeological site of Viminacium, which was the capital of the Roman province of Upper Mezi. There are still remains of the medieval fort of Rama, and next to the Great Gradište, right next to the Danube, there is the Srebrno Lake.-Veliko Gradiste – Golubac – Donji Milanovac (Rajkova pecina) – KladovoFrom the City of Danube drastically changes the ambience because it enters from the plain into the great Djerdap Gorge, the longest and largest in Europe. Its beginning marks the old Golubac Castle. Two artificial dams were torn up by the once-diving Danube in this area. There are significant archaeological sites in the cliff, most notably Lepenski Vir (not far from Donji Milanovac), as well as the remains of Trajan’s Bridge and its board. In the gorge itself there are several good restaurants, the lodging can be found in Milanovac and Kladovo.

Danube The river that connects…

The Danube springs below the German mountain Schwarzwald, and after 2,888 kilometers, it reaches the Black Sea. The second is a river in Europe, and it has the largest river basin on the old continent. The river passes through or makes the border of 10 states: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine. Among the numerous cities that are located on its banks are four capitals, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade.

From the end of March to the beginning of October, this river cruises hundreds of tourist boats. More popular river cruises, or one of the most expensive forms of tourism, last up to a month. Luxury riverboats usually travel from Amsterdam, Paris or other Western-back towns, then Rhine and the canal system reach the Danube. Some of the routes turn to Prague, others end up in Budapest. Nevertheless, the largest number of vessels sails to the wide Danube Delta in the Black Sea, while some arrive in Istanbul.

Passengers usually stay in two or three days in major cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna and Budapest, for one day in Bratislava, Belgrade. About 500 river cruisers land in our capital every year. Some of the tours also include tours of small towns, in Novi Sad, and sometimes in Smederevo. When it comes to our country, many ships stop near Viminacium near Pozarevac. A special attraction on these cruises is passing through the Djerdap Gorge.

Big River Danube and small town beauty of life ….

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