Wed, Jun 29, 2022

When the truth comes to light

  • 02/15/2022 - by Mirta R. Acero, PhD

We are witnessing a new era.

The era of consciousness, of awakening. The era of Light, of Humanity.

We have been able to verify how an outbreak of the time of darkness has been necessary for the global consciousness to awaken. It is precious and beautiful to see how, in times of darkness, the feeling of brotherhood and altruism appears. People who, in favor of others whom they don't even know, come out in defense to help, losing their jobs, their stability, their social notoriety. The Beautiful, Immense, Kind, Warm, Affable Light that the human being carries within himself, in the image and likeness of his creator, appears, expands and illuminates everyone who lets the feeling of that energy inundate his soul.  It is the most powerful energy that exists in the universe: Love. Einstein already said it. An energy that no human being has yet been able to control, measure, or capture. It is the greatest force in the universe and it is the greatest source of contagion that ever was or ever will be. Universal Love.

The dark forces have tried to buy people, institutions, minds, souls . . . but what a wonderful effect of the Light that makes many repent; a few others stand in solidarity, many face together and overthrow an attempt to undermine the free will of the human being, which is granted by divine right of and for the universe. Nobody can try to bring down the children of God without being punished by Divine Justice, which is the most powerful, ineffable and cunning that exists. A power that has no beginning or end, because it emanates from God. The God of all.

Another facet that we have been able to verify in these barely two years is that at a planetary level, there are no religions or races . . . Humanity exists. Consciousnesses have come together through the networks; they have manifested themselves physically throughout the planet and the greatest evil has been the incentive to unite souls of light, to awaken the laggards and to overthrow the lost ones, who will surely soon find a path of redemption.

For all this evil that has been intentionally practiced, so much and so much good that has been shaped on Earth . . . It only allows us to see the manifestation of God in each and every one of the acts of daily life and of the society movements. Faced with a struggle against life, you choose to live. Faced with an attempt to subjugate the human race, solidarity is chosen. Before the division, the brotherhood is chosen. This is the power of God in all its essence. Across races, religions and worldly aspects, God is the same for all his children and in these two years, his angelic presence has been demonstrated protecting this world through a rapid closing of borders from the dark ages and a strong presence of high frequency feelings among those who have practiced the Light.

The Light and its power is eternal.

Dr. Mirta R. Acero

President and Founder

Occidental Studies Institute