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Causes and consequences of irregular inmigration.

  • 02/15/2022 - by David Hernández

A social problem that overflows in space and time becomes a citizen security problem. That is what we have in Spain a few years ago. An overflowing irregular immigration, preferably of young men, which leaves the countries of origin without ambitious youth, based on the false idea of a Western paradise. A place where public subsidies or a job, which does not exist in reality, will allow you to live like the rich of the country of origin.

HELLO, I'm David Hernández, president of the Politeia Association of Security Professionals. I chair an association that has professionals from all areas of security, which allows us to have an eclectic point of view on issues that affect citizen security.

On a professional level I am a police sergeant and on a personal level I have a law degree. I am also accredited as a private detective.

All of the above added together allows me to carry out analyses that avoid several of the usual biases. In terms of immigration management, Spain is saturated. Any social problem that overflows in space and time becomes a citizen security problem and in Spain, immigration is a problem.

Not legal immigration, but irregular – the type of immigration that, due to lack of capacity and political involvement, becomes a business of human beings.

Indeed, irregular or illegal immigration has ceased to be a problem in Spain and has become a business. And like any business, its purpose is to expand and perpetuate itself.

The main problem is a political one, with a terrible policy of protecting its own borders and a totally false call effect.

For this reason, immigration mafias have been created, which are costing human lives, and a multitude of public or private organizations that, under the false and lying appearance of good will, are organizations dedicated to collecting public subsidies for the benefit of their leaders and not of migrants.

Reiterate that a social problem that overflows in space and time becomes a citizen security problem. That is what we had in Spain a few years ago. An overflowing irregular immigration, preferably of young men, who leave their countries of origin  based on the false idea of ​​a Western paradise: a place where public subsidies or a job, which does not exist in reality, will allow you to live like the rich of their country of origin.

When these people arrive in Spain, after paying for the trips to the mafias of the country of origin and the Spanish associative networks, they find reality. The Spanish economy and that of the European Union are in crisis, work is not easy to find, and there are so many immigrants that entire neighborhoods have been created that recreate aspects of the countries of origin: the religious, cultural and criminal dynamics from which they are fleeing.  In these neighbourhoods, due to the generalized rejection of the Spanish population, public services are absolutely incapable of responding to the various needs.


First of all, the European Union and the Government of Spain must stop lying to the public by cheating with supposedly official statistics. Anyone understands that if among 45 million Spaniards, 1% are sex offenders, it cannot be compared with a rate of 10% of sex offenders among 5 million immigrants.

Further lying in the relationship: delinquency and irregular immigration is very dangerous because the citizen who suffers from it feels cheated by the democratic system.

The politicians and economic oligarchies that maintain the public system must stop making decisions from their residential areas with private security and think about the working-class neighborhoods that are suffering from an unforeseen human invasion and lacking public resources to confront it.

Immigration policies must be unified to avoid organized mafias of human beings in the countries of origin and in the European Union.

Action must be taken in the countries of origin to dismantle the story of a dangerous journey by sea to paradise.

The West cannot forget its historical roots, the birth of democracy in Greece, of the Republic in Rome, of Christianity as the backbone of social ethics. It cannot give up its symbols and signs of identity in the name of a false multiculturalism. And I say false because no known anthropologist is capable of knowing all the cultures of the planet given our diversity and richness. Therefore, it is a false concept that masks other interests of the economic and political elites.

Countries like Morocco that criminally use human beings to destabilize the sovereign territories of other nations must be sanctioned.

A city can absorb legal immigration, guided and with specific statistical data, guaranteeing the processes of cultural and social adaptation. But if you send waves of human beings to that city, from different countries, it will be absolutely incapable of coping with the demand and the current neighborhoods or ghettos will be generated where certain ethnic, cultural or religious groups, voluntarily, come together voluntarily. exclusive.

Exclusionary zones are created for Spanish citizens who sell their houses and abandon them. Exclusionary zones for the police and social services that find themselves with parallel control and power structures that have been transferred, in their entirety, to Spain from their society of origin.

The European Union and Spain must stop the business of irregular immigration and treat it as a problem that affects their citizens and the immigrants themselves. The borders of the European Union must be defended by the police and the military to guarantee that the entry of immigration is legal.

Both the European Union and Spain must eliminate the patronage network of public subsidies since it only favors the mafias, irregular immigration and the heads of the different entities and associations linked to the phenomenon of immigration.

The political management is disastrous allowing the violent and illegal entry of people (preferably men from the Maghreb area, in the case of Spain) who break the established rules, in direct opposition to people who continue to comply with said norms – what is colloquially called “skipping the waiting line.” Violence and the ability to deceive are institutionally rewarded in border entry processes.

This is an uncalculated and senseless risk that generates in the receiving society of this illegal immigration a perception of betrayal by the democratic system.

It is not my invention, it is statistical data: the increase in crime in Spain and throughout the European Union, with the consequent increase in xenophobia in all public and private indicators. A social problem that overflows in space and time thus becomes a citizen security problem.

Turning a social problem into a business is an unacceptable democratic risk because businesses tend to expand in the environment and perpetuate themselves over time.

David Hernández

President Asociación Politeia

Segurity and Defense. Spain.