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The Radarcosmia

  • 11/15/2021 - by Gloria Acero Muñoz

We are in a time when the immensity and complexity of discoveries are such that we should rethink the bases on which we catalog human knowledge, restructuring ideas about man's relationships with his own intelligence. Human consciousness has to transcend towards a new and splendid horizon; it must aspire to find a regenerating breath. Thus, in radarcosmia we find confirmation of the spectacular power of the human mind’s capacity for wisely manipulating energy resonance for healing purposes, which implies a deep knowledge of the multiple resources of being and nature. Science advances inexorably, exploring and discovering a Universe increasingly rich in surprising discoveries and less and less in accordance with the structures and nature of officially accepted knowledge

Radarcosmia is a method invented by the Frenchman Joseph Benjamin Roucous, which belongs to therapeutic dowsing and which is based on the phenomenon of resonance, according to which a note or consonance vibrates in unison with notes or consonances analogous to one octave lower or higher.

In one of his works (1) he quotes Dr. Maury, a French member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Great Britain, who says the following in his book "Radiesthesia and Medicin," about the law of resonance: "This law can be stated as follows: Two exactly the same bodies exercise, respectively, the function of emitter and receiver of waves, and create between them a current of waves in the form of an undulatory line that goes from one to another, causing the effect of resonance." 

Roucous affirms that this resonance also occurs between vibrations of a very different order, that is, between subtle radiations governed by the law of harmonies. This vibrational phenomenon is independent of the three dimensions of space, and even time, belonging to another dimension that constitutes a principle of unity or relationship.

There is a relationship between things because there is a harmonious relationship between them, and not because they are simultaneous or contiguous; in other words, they are united by a mysterious bond despite the enormous distances that may separate them.

Once it has been verified that human thought lives and acts in an independent environment of the three dimensions and that it can draw an energy scheme, it is no longer difficult to understand that the thinking being can, using the "force-thought" scheme of an individual, get the resonance with that person.

In this way, if dowsing is the faculty or art of perceiving the radiation emitted by bodies, radarcosmia is the art of scientifically using this perception to get in contact, through resonance, with things that the senses cannot perceive directly.

To cure, the radarcosmia operator does the following: concentrate and reproduce the image of the patient in his thought. This action generates the similarity in the two circuits, and from this the resonance is born. The operator who emits an active circuit reinforces the passive circuit of the patient, and the reinforced cells that already vibrate at their normal frequency, reverse harmful vibrations, which are the cause of all ailments in living beings, both men and animals.

For radarcosmia, the disease is the product of a vibratory imbalance of the cells that places the patient in resonance with the specific radiations of this or that microbe. Therefore, by interfering with these dangerous resonances, the relief of the ailments will be produced, reaching the cure if the organism of the patient is maintained in the normal vibratory frequency.

According to Roucous, anyone can carry out experimental tests that show that the thought image works in the cosmic form of what is sought, and that the resonance of these two similar images is not influenced by matter, but responds to the action of the form – thinking about the cosmic model of matter.

Hence, he postulated that the dowser has the duty to conceive in the form of thought the mental image of the element that he seeks, directing that image in the form of a beam towards different points. Thus, from the moment in which his thought-form establishes contact with the thing sought, the effect of similarity between his brain emission and the subject occurs, in the same way that it occurs between the radar emission and the plane. The detected object performs, in turn, the function of receiver-emitter, resulting in resonance per link line, and this is how the "point" or point of excitation is produced in the operator's brain in the same way as the light point is produced on the radar dashboard.

Roucous explains the following: (2) “At airports you see a large rotating antenna that forms a concave lattice: it is the aerial of a surveillance radar that scans the sky. When an aircraft enters the scanned field, the radar emission is reflected by the body of the aircraft itself - microvibration similarity between the emission and the solid body. The resonance effect occurs and is translated into a light point, called a “dot,” on the control room screen.

This process of radar detection is the same in dowsing. At the moment when the thing that is sought is in the field of the brain explored, the operator-transmitter inevitably and unconsciously suffers the effect of the "point" in his brain. This action intensifies nervous excitement and transforms simple chronaxia (3) into subordination chronaxia, and thus brings about muscular reflexes that give rise to the known movements of the pendulum or rod.

All dowsers confess that they cannot detect without creating in their thoughts the image of what they are looking for. We offer you the evidence that your brain-radar detects, that your nervous system receives the radar back that produces the pendular impulse when the resonance enters the cerebral form of the thing you are looking for, and the real form of the thing has been determined by the effect of resemblance and the wave line that results from it. This is the origin of Radarcosmia.”

In his work "Survivance de la partie cosmique de l'être humain," Roucous emphasizes that not all

"Mental" dowsers knew – before De La Warr invented his camera – that matter emits a cosmic ray, and some did not want to believe in the existence of the cosmic wave beam emitted by the brain; even though many of them do not they can detect without thinking about the thing they are looking for, nor without directing their thought-form to that thing.

Indeed, the scientific experiments of D'Arsonval and De La Warr show that the bombardment of the brain by the return wave accelerates electrical excitation and produces an alteration in chronaxia, this variation of the stimulus being translated by muscular reflexes that produce unconscious movements amplified by the pendulum or rod.      

On the other hand, the human brain can emit energy and give it the shape it wants - human forms, animals, flowers, clouds, objects - in order to be in resonance with the bodies in question and act by repercussion on the matter in question. They are composed, since a certain form expresses certain vibrations, which are terrestrial and cosmic in nature, being at the same time interdependent, in the sense that all determined cosmic vibrations bring with them interfering terrestrial vibrations and vice versa. It is known that matter contains and radiates energy, and that this energy is made up of a set of perfectly balanced earth and cosmic vibrations that constitute two interdependent energy fields.

From the above it can be deduced that it is not essential to have seen the subject to act on it: that it is enough to know its geometric or constitutive shape and reproduce these waves of shape in thought for the operator to come into resonance with the visualized element and, by its cerebral emission, it can act on it through space. Consequently, the drawing or photograph of a person will give its shape in space wave and will allow the operator to work in the magnetic field of the same.

These facts clearly confirm that our apparent isolation is nothing more than an illusion, and that we are cells of an immense organism connected to everything that exists by an inextricable network of vibrations, waves and influences whose action not only determines the present, but also that also integrates past and future, making all the dimensions of the universe a coherent whole.

Gloria Acero Muñoz
Expert in Radionics & Naturopathy



(1) Joseph Roucous, "Survivance of the cosmic part of the human being, produced by radarcosmie", edited by J. Roucous, Laguiole (Aveyron), 1965.

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(3) Chronaxia: Time constant in nervous excitement. Minimum duration that a current needs to excite a nerve or muscle, twice the initial intensity when the stimulus is prolonged indefinitely.