Occidental Identity versus Globalization

The society in which we find ourselves is reactivating different mechanisms to reconstruct itself. It is obvious that we enter a new phase, with new conceptions and new dynamics, still undefined and that is why the revivals of the past effluence: neoliberal movements, pro-independence or unionist nationalisms, including the redefinition of our own identity.

The globalist movements per se invade us, as mirages of a heterogeneous world that tends towards unification and in a certain way is a success, coordination in communications, in treaties and interactions between different cultures, but does globalization imply to disharmonize the own ethos of the West?

In the XXI century, we are in full confrontation of what is a dynamic redefinition of the State-Nation model, within the West. Cause or Effect?

If we look from a different perspective we should ask ourselves why it seems that only the West has a destabilization not only in the substrates of its own identity as a civilization but in each and every one of the Nation States, where populisms begin to resurface. In a joint dynamic, it is true that there must be spaces for collaboration and shared synergies, but to what extent does Europe and the West need to lose their own essence in order to welcome others than themselves? Is there the same type of media pressure, the same kind of insistence on losing your idiosyncrasy, to be politically correct and neoliberally progressive in all the civilizations / cultures of the planet? Is Africa being pressured to stop being Africa, to the Middle East to be reconverted to an LGBT ideology or accept to build Christian cathedrals, to establish a system of integration of pork in public institutions or to eliminate the bases of its legislation for accept others outside their existing legislative system, to respect all the “minorities” accepted?

We should reflect on the importance of respecting the crucible of cultures that always characterized the Western identity. That is its fundamental characteristic, the coexistence of different cultures with the same base: the Judeo-Christian roots, the cultural and moral basis of our Occidental World.