Sat, Nov 27, 2021

Freedom as an Inherent Right

  • 08/15/2021 - by Mirta R. Acero, PhD

At certain moments in life we ask ourselves the eternal existential question: our reason for being in the world.
What are we coming for, where are we going ...
The fundamental reason for the existence of the human being is its development as a social entity. It is only through society that we develop through poetry, mathematics, history, geometry ...

The human being is nothing but a product of the body, mind and spirit interconnected with other entities that coexist in the same tribe, community, society or country that defines it as both a collective and individual identity.

This point is important enough not to fail to mention. It is as essential to be able to understand the individual identity as the collective one because both define themselves among themselves.

That is why we live some current processes, in what we call the era of Globalism, where what is intended is to end that interconnection between that which is the reality of the individual as a social entity. If you disconnect the person from their own roots, you decontextualize them, you eliminate objects of comparison, through a low or no education for thinkers and not for automata; and in parallel, you end up disqualifying the social norms and traditions that define the environment of your own identity.  What you get is an inanimate, submissive, tolerant and docile product, a human being uninhabited of himself and embedded in an undefined, distorted society.

What is the purpose of this? Very simple. Get automata, which is the modern word for soulless people – robots, who run without thinking, without judging – mere slaves.

Who benefits from this?  All the regimes modeled by the elite, who see the human being as a herd animal, as cattle, and forget the divine essence of the human being, made in the image and likeness of God.

We survive in a current context where the War of the Worlds coexists with a bond of apparent normality, nuanced by social media, but the reality is that we are living a final battle: Light against Darkness.

The Light undoes from centuries upon centuries the frustrated attempts toward the domination of the soul of the being. We will once again witness the defeat of the Darkness. Satanists of the world, the end of your fruitless struggle is near.

Mirta R. Acero, PhD.

President and Founder.
OSI Occidental Studies Institute.
Owm Occidental World Magazine.