Thu, Jun 17, 2021

Ladies for interfaith dialogue

  • 05/15/2021 - by Liliana Virgina Escala & Susana Segovia

Women of different cults approached the Civic Center in Parque Patricios on Thursday, July 5, 2018 to share our experiences and opinions regarding the role of women in interreligious dialogue and in our faith communities.


 In our Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the creation of the first Interreligious Table of Ladies stands out, whose origin dates back three years and at the request of the Director of Cults of the Autonomous City of Bs.As. Professor Federico Pugliese, after an Interreligious Ladies Day:

Federico Pugliese, director of Buenos Aires Cults, stated that "the meeting is the path to transformation."

"From the Government of the City we promote these actions because we believe that Buenos Aires has a wealth that we must protect; that wealth is diversity and the contribution of women is fundamental," he stressed.

At the end of the day, the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, dedicated a message to us: "I am very happy that you are participating in this forum; we are living a historic moment in which women are protagonists."

“The City Government celebrates all the women of faith who live in Buenos Aires and aims to consolidate their contribution from different religions and cults. Buenos Aires stands out for its religious diversity and its vast experience of encounters, where communities articulate and work with each other. The leading role that women have taken in recent years within the different traditions has expanded the plurality of voices that enrich culturally and socially."

Work was carried out in groups that later resulted in a pooling in order to specify projects and actions to enhance the contribution of each one not only in our communities, but also in the city.

Thus, we achieved the integration of one and the first Interreligious Table with the participation of Women Leaders representing twelve Communities.

We carried out a Blood Collection activity that was carried out in a Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, receiving recognition for having achieved this interreligious activity.

We develop numerous virtual encounters oriented towards the community. We contribute our spiritual knowledge and life experiences, in order to teach you to adapt to this new reality of life and overcome a number of tests and difficulties generated in all this time of pandemic.

We strengthen fraternal relationships and great camaraderie with leaders of different religious confessions.


Working in religious diversity and among women is a great challenge and if to that we add 11 communities of different practices and also traditions of naturalized male culture, hierarchies within the communities are factors that slow down the objectives that we have proposed.

The objectives arose from the observance in the participation of dialogue tables where the service proposal was not contemplated or accepted; it was the first rapprochement that we had between Scientology and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This point, which, although it is social, arises from the observance of problems, and is so daunting that efforts to eliminate them are often overshadowed by efforts to merely contain the damage, that a being in good spiritual condition comes naturally to "help": a fundamental right, and each religious community carries it out by focusing it from its particular point of view on humanity.

Recognizing the vital need to stop the downward spiral, the goal is bold and ambitious: to solve the great evils on a planetary level and stop the insidious cultural decline while we elevate society by instilling commonly shared values, coupled with “better spiritual conditions.” This is the other factor that rests on humanity, the distancing of spiritual practices to be better with oneself and to offer to others, so the next objective is to show what women do from their religious community from the common places in daily life and how the religious woman executes and lives it. And religious diversity in dialogue is to accompany the work that a community does and to be accompanied by the different communities.

Thus arose the donation of blood, the spirit of food, living in times of social isolation ... and other projects that due to time and situations in the public domain were postponed.

To make visible the practices and thoughts of each community from its protagonists in the community is to show that each space of each of the communities is the refuge of each individual; the dialogue is the bridge between these spaces; while the gap that remains between one and another is plunging humanity into a downward spiral, delivered to the chaos of the bombardment of materialism.

Today we are 11 communities that integrate DDI - Ladies in Interreligious Dialogue - along with 2 coordinators who are the founders, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Church of Scientology. The communities that make up DDI are AESUCM - Association of the Holy Spirit for the Unification of World Christianity; Religious Association Ile Ti Oya-Ogum; ASRAU –Agrupación Social Cultural Religiosa Africanista Umbadista-; Bahaí; Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; Basilio Scientific School; Roman Apostolic Catholic Church, Schoenstatt movement; Evangelical Christian Church; Sikh Dharma Argentina.

We have thematic participants for the presentations such as Zen Buddhism, Judaism, Vaisnavas, and we are open to include more and more communities, which integrate greater diversity, throughout the territory of the republic. In fact the members correspond to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Conurbanos Bonaerense and Santa Fé and participants. We have many challenges and we do not want to focus on issues that seem to be current such as violence in its various manifestations; these we all know are evils of materialistic humanity and like many other issues have been since the beginning of humanity.

Liliana Virgina Escala
Representative of the Church of Jesus Christ

Susana Segovia
Public Relations of the Latter-day Saint Church of Scientology. 

Founders and coordinators of Ladies in Interreligious Dialogue. Argentina.