Sat, Nov 26, 2022

Soon We Will Come To Christmas

  • 11/15/2021 - by Mirta R. Acero, PhD

We are in the month of November and this is our issue number 18. In August of the year 2022, we will be 5 years old – a long road traveled where we have met many friends, who have helped us reorganize all the roads to get to Rome. Some have taught us the value of trust; others have taught us our own value as a humanist group. We also thank those who have wanted to reduce our light, because thanks to them, we have been strengthened and we have become bigger, stronger and more united. Thanks to all of us who have been together, we have arrived here.

A path full of obstacles, loopholes, shadows, which have been illuminated by a team of people as human and as great as their hearts and their souls as warriors of light. This editorial is for them –  for all those who today are side-by-side betting on keeping the libertarian, humanist, generous, real spirit pure.  Thank you Dean Hoffman, for believing in us from North Carolina, and for being there, at the foot of the canyon, both in taking care of the literary style of the magazine, and in taking care of the academic aspects of our programs; Dejan Stojanovic, our Marketing expert from Serbia, a wonderful country, who since we were only five, has been there without hesitation, supporting, even when we were going to throw in the towel (he has always said “come on, you can”); 

My dear Archbishop Eric Escala, how many nights and early mornings we have spent until the late hours looking for solutions and ways to get ahead, together with his team of inter-religious dialogue: Gustavo Libardi, President of Scientology of Argentina, the Imam Marwan Gil, Rabbi Ariel Stofemmacher, the Buddhist nun Alejandra Martínez, the Great Elder Alfredo Salas, all of them charming souls and professionals of recognized prestige who have dedicated their opinions and intellectual and theological points of view on different realities of the world to us.

George Alexander from India, always looking for ways to be able to unite in faith and harmony.  Julio Ariza from Spain and his support always to our adventures. David Hernández, with his follow-up in our creation of defense and security masters and in his contributions by professionals to our magazine. Mario Conde, dear friend and dear brother of the soul, with an unusual intelligence.  Christian Ghymers from Belgium, always contributing his knowledge of macroeconomics in an altruistic and conscientious way.  From Italy, Giorgio Alberti, renowned Italian political scientist, founder of the University of Bologna in Buenos Aires.  Andrey Kurtunoz from Russia, with his excellent contributions to geopolitics in his articles and his lectures.  

Yechiel Shabi from Israel, with his articles on the Middle East and his always tireless interest in finding a common point between the three cultures.  Amit Barak and his always friendly smile and his open spirit that all Christian and Jewish communities understand each other. My dear friend Eyal Pinko and his contributions on cyber security and defense. John Pettigrew from the United Kingdom with his contributions in the Kent conferences, in the communication efforts at the beginning and in his participation in the conferences that our beloved OSI has been doing in these times. 

Julien Fouché from France, for his contributions in matters of business management and in the defense of citizens' rights at the time of Brexit. Raphael Luis from Canada with his ideas and his musical contributions, always positive and certainly a dear memory to Fernando, who will walk there through the skies seeing all of us breaking our heads to see how we managed to square the circle, and feeling happy to have left us in the hands of Lucas and his sister, from the Vertex group, who take care of the magazine as if it were their own creation; they pamper us and take great care of it. And Bis from India, who cares for OSI with affection. And a special mention to Rafael Agustí for continuing to be the priest of the Temple of Isis for me.  Thank you for your support, your magical words that heal and give encouragement and for, above all, believing in us.

To each and every one of you and those that I am sure I will leave without mentioning, because you have been so many and so dear: Thank you.

From OSI and Occidental World we wish you a happy entry into the year 2022 and that finally, freedom and joy will come from the hand of God, in all its forms and of Light so that this new year  will bring prosperity to all of us and above all, Liberty.

Dr. Mirta R. Acero

OSI Occidental Studies Institute
OWm  Occidental World Magazine