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Dr. Mirta R. Acero


Mirta is Doctor in European Identity and constitutional European Framework, researcher, writer, professor of Modern and Contemporary History and also specialises in Foreign Trade and International Relations, she has acquired various experiences combining university degrees in History of Art, Modern and Contemporary History, expertise in History of Music and Art Market and also International Affairs with her experience around Europe. She has made networking as an academic and also through the business world. Also, she has been applying her expertise as a lecturer and as a consultant in North-Central, West and South of Europe. She collaborates as an academic member of IRELAC -International Relations between Europe, Latin America and The Caribbean-, a Brussels institution connected with EU and its ECLAC -Commission for Latin America and The Caribbean-; she is also a member of 3QC a Think-Tank based at Regent´s University in London.

Cristina Bejenaru

Head of Contents

Occidental-World-OSI-Magazine-online-Cristina-BejenaruDedicated expert with a strong background in International Relations, Ms. Cristina Bejenaru has obtained her Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences at the Institute of International Relations of Moldova and graduated with High Honors her Master degree in Political Sciences at the Academy of Public Administration by the Government of Moldova. She is a former consultant of the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs with a history of working in justice and home affairs, project management, and European integration processes. Ms. Bejenaru was an intern at the Regional Anticorruption Initiative Secretariat from Bosnia and Herzegovina, an intergovernmental regional organization which deals solely with anti-corruption issues, covering the nine member states: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia. As well, Ms. Bejenaru is a keynote speaker and trainer aimed to promote the good governance principles, fair justice, and human rights with a special focus on child protection. She wrote several publications approaching the fields of justice and home affairs, geopolitics, human rights, international child abduction, globalization, integrity and democratic values. Ms. Bejenaru is committed to developing solution-oriented strategies, concepts, and development plans for public authorities, NGOs, international organizations, both at internal and regional levels. She strongly believes the right information and the right use of it lead to power and empowering. She found Occidental World as a platform to express an unbiased point of view and to contribute to spreading information alongside with other contributors, as well committed to sharing their experience and knowledge.

Serghei Sinchin

Creative & Social Media, Web Development


Serghei Sinchin graduated from the Modern Humanitarian Institute, Faculty of Computer Science. He is an information technology specialist, a web programmer, a developer of sites and applications. He has been working in programming for more than eight years with frameworks like CodeIgbiter, Laravel, Symphony & work in CMS – WordPress, Joomla. Specialist in the fields of HTML, Css, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Java, C #, php, Xamarin, reactJS. He works as well with the programs Android Studio, Visual Studio, Photoshop, Adobe Egde and many others.